SoccerPLAY is a didactic and methodic structured online management system for Federations, Clubs and Football Academies. In addition to the online platform, SoccerPLAY offers new innovative technology equipment.

The SoccerPLAY platform provides structure for every Football Club.
All coaches will be independently able to create their own training sessions and / or use the Club Season plans through a personal account. The Director of Coaching is able to watch these sessions and give them feedback.


We understand that clubs have special needs if it come to integrating a own vision of content. This is now possible with the ‘open system’ from SoccerPLAY.


Patrick Ladru

Author ‘age specific exercises’

In cooperation with SoccerPLAY I have developed an online platform in which all critical training topics are made actionable through a plan – each of which is specified on the different age categories. Due to the fact that I was already working at AFC Ajax they were willing to connect their name to this platform, named “Ajax Online Academy” which has become a worldwide known system. After I left Ajax for some other clubs, I worked intensively with the system every day for 3 years and in this way I managed my coaches team. Because I was educated at AFC Ajax in the early 90s with the vision of Louis van Gaal and later Johan Cruyff, my work is a mix of the two most famous coaches in the world!

Bram Meurs

       Author ‘Mental training / coaching’

Bram Meurs (1982) is a social & organizational psychologist and has a note in Sport Psychologist. In addition to playing at the top of the second division, Bram played professional football at PSV Eindhoven and FC Eindhoven. He has done the UEFA licenses and wrote ‘Football Psychology’ (2014) and ‘Kopsterk’ (2010). Both books are about how coaches and players can improve their Mental level. Besides that Bram guides several professional players in the Highest level (at home and on the field) and teaches his Mental methodology within the Dutch FA programs (KNVB). His guidance and training aims to teach footballers how to reach their level in all circumstances.

David Zonneveld

            Author ‘Motorlearning / tactics’

As player David Zonneveld played for multiple professional clubs in Holland. Afterwards he become in a short period of time coach for second division clubs. He started at professional football club Telstar as video analyst of the first team and quickly gained his UEFA A / B / C licenses. In addition to his Sport management study, David specializes in Motor learning for children, developing Style of play and has a big tactical way of thinking. David also develops periodisation plans for clubs and Federations.


SmartGoals Urban Skillcourts
SmartGoals developed a new concept and are trying to bridge the gap between sports and gaming (gamification) and a playground were you can sport with the whole family!
Goal is to let children move themselves with interactive games and that gaming and moving go hand in hand. Children are challenged on this court to play sports themselves, no supervision is required!
Everybody is able to receive his/her results true the application (this data can be very valuable for governments and other companies)




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